Texas Dental Hygienists' Association


ADHA Delegation - Chair: Lynda Bean, RDH, BSDH
The ADHA Delegation Council is composed of the elected delegates and alternate delegates who are elected at the TDHA Annual Session prior to the ADHA Annual Session. A minimum of two years TDHA experience as a TDHA delegate or TDHA council member is necessary prior to running for this position. All candidates for ADHA delegates and alternate delegate must be aware of the duties and financial responsibilities of ADHA delegates as listed in the TDHA Bylaws and facilitation document prior to nomination and election. The purposes and objectives of this council are to represent Texas at the national meeting of our professional association and to be effective liaisons between the state and national branches of the association. There is a lot of commitment and work involved with this council but it is very rewarding and affords a great opportunity to network with colleagues from across the nation. It is an intense week at ADHA Annual Session with long days and nights with not much sleep.

ADHA Institute of Oral Health - Liaison: LeeAnn Winkler, RDH, BSDH
The ADHA Institute for Oral Health (IOH) is the foundation created by dental hygienists for dental hygienists to provide funding for educational scholarships, fellowships, research grants, and community service grants to dental hygienists throughout the United States. To donate to IOH go to and click on give now.

Annual Session - Co-Chairs: Cindy Crisler, RDH and Lisa Englehart, RDH, BSDH, MDH
The Annual Session Council plans and implements TDHA's premier opportunity for dental hygiene professionals to discuss issues key to the profession. A product presentation is offered along with sponsors and exhibitors to display items of interest to the participants.

Budget and Finance - Chair: Cathy Nobles, RDH, OM
The Budget and Finance Committee is a facility of the Board of Directors and is to facilitate the business of the TDHA by paying debts incurred by this Association. This committee is also responsible for proposing a budget to support the Strategic Plan of the Association.

By-Laws - Chair: Rebecca Fontenot, RDH
Charged with maintaining the TDHA Bylaws in accordance with the ADHA Bylaws. Because of the tripartite association we have with ADHA and the local components, our Bylaws must not contradict each other. The committee keeps a copy of each component's bylaws and makes recommendations to them for needed changes. At each TDHA Annual Session the committee will bring forth suggested changes to the TDHA bylaws it deems necessary, and those that are needed to stay in accordance with ADHA bylaws changes. The committee holds Bylaws Hearings at each Annual Session.

Corporate Relations - Chair: LeeAnn Winkler, RDH, BSDH
The Corporate Relations Committee shall secure funding for the activities of the association including but not limited to the Annual Session and Texas Sized CE Weekend. The committee shall develop and maintain fundraising initiatives, including but not limited to sponsorships, underwriting, partnerships, nonprofit activities of TDHA, and advertising.

Dental Hygiene Education – Chair: Cindy Crisler, RDH
The Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee promotes and encourages dental hygiene programs to advance the education, knowledge, and profession of dental hygiene. It serves as the oversight committee regarding legislation impacting dental hygiene education standards, monitors and offers input regarding proposals for the opening of new dental hygiene schools, and tracks current trends in education.

Executive - Chair: Cindy Pierce, RDH
The Executive Committee is a facility of the Board of Directors to implement those actions of the board upon request of the Board of Directors and/or House of Delegates which require more attention than the Board of Directors is able to devote. The Board of Directors will rely upon this committee to see that decisions are correctly implemented and properly executed.

Past Presidents Advisory – Chair: Cindy Crisler, RDH
Add new committee description: The Past President's Advisory Committee is to assist the current President with advice and wisdom they have learned during their Presidency. The committee's purpose is to assist the Association as determined by the current President and chair of this committee and to help identify and mentor future leaders.

Resolutions - Co-chairs: Cindy Harmon, RDH and Alison Lee, RDH
The Resolution Committee reviews proposed changes for Policy Statements of the TDHA. The Resolution Committee prepares resolutions in proper form to present to the Board of Directors at the Pre-Annual Session and to the House of Delegates for voting upon recommendation of the Resolution Committee.

SBDE Liaison - Governmental Affairs Council
The SBDE/DHAC Liaisons shall attend all SBDE and DHAC meetings to monitor any dental hygiene issue.

Student Affairs - Chair: Eliska Gauthier, RDH
Student Affairs Council (SAC) develops programs and events for Texas Student American Dental Hygienists' Association's (TX SADHA) Annual Session, send scholarship info to all schools, evaluate the scholarship applicants and choose the recipients. The Scholarships are: TDHA Scholarship, B.J. Long Memorial Scholarship, Nancy Tibbets Memorial Scholarship, TDHA Nicole Eusebio Memorial Service Scholarship.

TEX Hy-PAC - Chair: Felicia Johnston, RDH
The purpose of the TEX Hy-PAC Committee is to raise money for funding legislative candidates. This committee also works in political campaigns for those legislators in favor of dental hygiene goals.

Ways and Means - Chair: Sandy Tesch, RDH, MSHP
The purpose of the Ways and Means Committee is to raise funds for TDHA budget.