Texas Dental Hygienists' Association

Why Join

Benefits of ADHA Membership

Outstanding Networking Opportunities
Each member of ADHA is automatically a member of the national association, the state association (constituent), and local society (component) where applicable. Each segment has its specific role in your success. Members meet regularly to exchange ideas, information, and share experiences.

The ADHA offers a variety of insurance plans at group discounts to members through Albert H. Wohlers Insurance Co. For rate and application information about the following plans: professional liability, disability, major medical, all risk equipment, term life, cancer care protection, personal accident, and group hospital money program, simply see the Seabury & Smith Web site or call at 800-323-2106 (8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Central Time).

20% Discount on Self-Study Continuing Education Programs
These courses keep you up to date on the latest scientific trends in your profession, and present the most current theories and techniques in dental hygiene practice.

Professional Enrichment
The Journal of Dental Hygiene brings you the latest scientific and technical information affecting clinical practice, education, and research. $35 value.

Up-to-the-Minute News and Information
Access, ADHA's professional magazine, focuses on current issues in health care, dental hygiene practice, and legislative developments. $45 value.

Financial Security
To protect you from the unexpected, ADHA offers insurance programs such as group health, disability, automobile, and term life, as well as a signature loan by mail service and VISA/MasterCard program.

Employment Assistance
ADHA offers state employment referral services, national classified advertising, and employment reference materials to help you move ahead in your career.

Job Security
ADHA's legislative efforts monitor and impact government activities that influence the practice of dental hygiene and protect your role as a provider of oral health care.

Collective Clout
ADHA is the largest association that represents the interests of the dental hygiene profession. ADHA recognizes you as a provider of quality oral health care and represents you in the professional community. It is a strong, united organization that guides the development of dental hygiene practice and helps enhance and protect your status as an oral health care provider. Through your association, you can achieve goals that you could not achieve alone.

ADHA membership opens the door to many opportunities for professional recognition and growth. Leadership opportunities are present on every level of membership, and valuable friendships can be made along the way.