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TDHA's Legislative Counsel

Denise Rose is a Partner with Jackson Walker. She has been working in and around the Capitol for almost two decades. Much of her experience is in the healthcare arena and provides effective strategic counsel to clients on a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to Medicaid and hospital finance, special utility districts, occupational licensing, health care quality, and agency rulemaking processes and requests for proposals. Denise is adept in the legislative drafting process.

Kate Goodrich is a Governmental Affairs Consultant who joined Jackson Walker in 2020. She started her career as a federally registered lobbyist in Washington, D.C., and grew to become a senior advisor to legislators at the Texas Capitol. Kate’s background in state and federal government gives her an in-depth and practical knowledge of the legislative and appropriations processes. She is a respected member of the governmental affairs community and has forged deep relationships at the Capitol and beyond.

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Sandy Tesch, RDH, MSHP

GAC Co-Chair

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