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Become a member in the only organization advocating and protecting the rights of dental hygienists.

Quarterly and annual payment options available.

National, State, Local

The Texas Dental Hygienists’ Association is the professional association for Texas  dental hygienists. As a member you will also enjoy the benefits of being a part of our national association ADHA.  By joining your professional colleagues you will also enjoy the benefits of being part of our national association the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. Membership in your professional association is a tripartite membership providing support on 3 levels, national, state wide, and local component levels .

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  • Legislative representation. TDHA is the only Association representing dental hygiene interests in the state political arena. ADHA is the largest professional organization representing the interests of dental hygienists.

  • Professional support, educational programs, and opportunities for participation in association decision making. With your support, we can carry out our mission to advance the art and science of dental hygiene, and to promote the highest standards of education and practice in the profession.

  • Build a professional identity and credentials for yourself and your profession.

  • Keep abreast of the current changes and trends occurring in the dental field.

  • Form new friendships with the people who share your professional beliefs and goals.

  • Develop professional contacts that may lead you to new career possibilities.

  • Opportunity to contribute to your community through professional activities.

  • Opportunities to acquire and develop new skills and interests such as leadership, public speaking, etc.

  • Contribute to the protection of your role in the oral health care delivery system.

Pink Balloons

Desiree Krieger

Jessica Caufield

Sydney Tuttle

Patricia Olvera

Ruth Sturhan

Elizabeth Hickman

Julie Troxell

Carissa Proctor

Kristin Byam

Mandy Giuffre

Cynthia Flournoy

Stacy Minkler

Kortni Davis

Daniel Badillo

Sun Namkung

Felicia Mungia

Lindsey McCoy

Stephanie Carter

Laurie Douglas

Iris Galvez

Leanna Nguyen

Alejandra Sanchez

Susana Garcia

Catherine Samuel

Welcome to Our New Members!

Jamie Jensen

Courtney Routh

Brittany Willson

Jessie Sherrod

Yaxley Cedillo

Miranda Williams

Antoinette Balez

Ingrid Martinez-Montagut

Cambria Landry

Victoria Baskersville

Sharon Finley

Avryll Felix

Paige Lester

Baylee Baxter

Elaine McQueen

Megan Soaga

Lauren Denham

Rachelle Gieske

Jordan Grainger

Megan Ali

Amber Batcha

Natalie Lawson

Georgina Andrist

Rebecca Baergen

Veronica Cardon

Kimberly Hammond

Sydney Hanner

Sveda Ijaz

Jayci Jones

Lonniea Mason

Sydnee. Mullins

Amy Smith

Maggie Turney

Megan Jolley

Jeannie Martinez

Cynthia Alvarez

Amsa Issa

Desiree Krieger

Stephanie Mai

Daniela Medina

Trinh Nguyen

Anya Arocha

Melanie Anderson

Allison Rodriguez

Kelsey Havelka

Kelsey Ibarra

Yarelis Morales

Lissette Padro

Lisa Thompson

Amanda White

Sheetal Shah

Patricia Walraven

Maria Arvizu

Daisy Ancio Couto Jones

Oswaldo Gutierrez

Stephanie Mc Daniel

Charlee Norton

Ismael Villareal

Macy Brown

Byanca Avalos

Erika Garcia

Veronica Martinez

Sarai Leiva

Laurie Miller

Evette Hernandez

Marie Falkenberg

Tuong-Van Tran

Amanda McNiel

Nina Infante

Jolene Miller

Jessica Esparza

Brittany Cox

Janette Garcia

Kathryn Villapana

Donna Thompson

Stephanie Pennell

Laurie Resnowski



Discover the benefits of being a member

Please contact us if you would like someone to speak to your school about the benefits of membership

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