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My dental hygiene license expires this month. What is required for renewal? 

License renewal is every 2 years. 24 CE hours must be completed within the 24 months

  • ​​​16 hours MUST be scientific/technical

  • 8 hours can be risk management (ethics, record keeping) 

  • 16 of your hours must be in person and up to 8 hour may be self-study (video, audio and reading courses)

  • Must be current in BLS and CPR and must take a hands on course to fulfill this need. ACLS/PALS is not required

  • Must renew jurisprudence every 4 years. It will not prompt you so you must keep track of this in your own records

  • Anesthesia jurisprudence is not required

Any questions should be directed to the Licensing division at but these are the guideline


Can a dental hygienist apply Silver/Sodium Diamine Fluoride? 

Yes, currently the FDA classification of SDF is a fluoride. Therefore, all dental hygienists, dentists can apply. 


What is the new Human Trafficking requirement? 

Beginning September 1, 2020 all Dental Health Care Personnel; including dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants; will be required to have Human Trafficking Training every renewal period. This course must be approved by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. A copy of your certificate does not need to be submitted; however you should keep a copy for your records. The Human Trafficking Training does count towards your required 24 hours of CE. 


Can I renew my CPR online?

No. You must have a course with a demonstration of skills and a written evaluation. (Sec. 247.004)


What courses do NOT count towards my CE credits? 

Courses in Finance, OSHA, CPR, and Jurisprudence. Courses that are not given by an approved Continuing education course provider. 


I have a NEW patient on my schedule and the doctor is out of the office/unable to see the new patient. Can I see the patient today and reschedule them for the exam? 

No, the patient must be seen by the supervising dentist within twelve (12) months. If they are a new patient – you cannot see them without the dentist. 


What if I have several extra hours of CE credit at renewal? 

A maximum of 24 hours may be carried forward if taken within the one year immediately preceding the renewal period. 


How often is HIPAA required? 

HIPAA training is required at least annually on the Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Breach Notifications. provides annual training certificates​


How do I obtain my renewal certificate? 

You can renew your certificate online here. If unable to renew online , you may request a paper renewal application be mailed to you. Once renewed you may now print E-Certificates. Renewal certificates will be approved for printing 24-28 hours after payment is submitted. 


Does an assistant need to be trained in polishing and sealants? 

As of March 18, 2018, the Dental Board put rules in place that in order for a dental assistants place sealants or polish they should 1) work under direct supervision of a dentist, 2) have at least 2 years of experience as a dental assistant; and completed a minimum 8- hours of clinical and didactic education taken from a CODA accredited program and approved by the Board. The delegated duty MAY NOT be billed as a Prophy(D1110). 


When they updated the nitrous rule that went into effect May 1, 2018, do I need to have additional training? 

No, as a dental hygienist you still have to follow the same guidelines as before for training. You can not turn on or off the nitrous, but you can MONITOR and RECORD. 


I’m moving to Texas from another state. Does Texas allow dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia? 

Many hygienists have relocated to Texas from other states that are trained in the administration of local anesthesia. At this time it is not within the scope of practice of a dental hygienist in Texas. TDHA continues to advocate for this right. 

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