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2021-2022 TDHA Board of Directors

That's a wrap folks! Thank you to those that joined us this weekend! So thankful for all those that worked so hard on all the behind the scene aspects of this virtual conference (There were many volunteers involved!).

I would like to introduce to you, the 2021-2022 TDHA Board of Directors!

President - Janessa Bock

Pres-Elect - Annette Smith

Immediate Past President - Marian Tajchman

Vice President - Mercedes Mendoza

Treasurer - Cathy Nobles

Secretary - Stacy Limas

Speaker of the House - Angela Do

Communications Director - Shawna Greer

Membership Director - Nisa Hashmani

Professional Development Director - Cindie Pierce

Legislative Director - LeeAnn Winkler

Student Affairs Director - Christina Horton

Office of Educator Liaison - Kristi Dalton


Austin - Melissa Vetter

Bay Area - Connie Groves

Brazos Valley - Marque Mathis

Central Texas - Melissa Terry

Greater Collin - Mandy Weems

Concho - Jessi Jost

Corpus Christi - Brittany Johnson

Dallas - Kassandra Bowie

East Texas - Kayla Golden

Fort Worth - Sarabeth Ballard

Houston - Angela Do

North Texas - Alisha Bell

Rio Grande - Iliana Farias

San Antonio - Jodie Hostetter

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